Loadie testimonials.

Very happy to recommend this app. Our job got booked on easily and was accepted within a couple of moments. The haulier did a great job and great to see all the automatic notifications too.

Ian Mallon, Neon Freight

Completed a job from Accrington to Brighton. My favourite part of this app is the ‘take me there’ button. It provides a pin point delivery address grid reference. Once the job was signed for an automatic invoice reaches your inbox within minutes and your online wallet has the funds. No paperwork or admin needed. Excellent work guys.

Rob Wade

Well done to all involved What can I say what an amazing thing Larry Loadie and your team have done, first of all the ease of the app, straight forward to use, linked straight up to my maps straight to the client!! Another great feature is the POD, two signatures collection and delivery, we get a copy both clients get a copy all in one place WOW also invoices done for me ?? (get to go home and spend time with my kids) most importantly money in my wallet straight away, GUYS and GIRLS Anyone out there who has signed up this is no bull**** these guys have developed an amazing platform that we are stunned by, we personally took this job on as a test for ourselves, just breaking even and we wasn’t disappointed as all of us have had a little voice at the back of our head saying “this is too good to be true”
Well it isn’t, try it you won’t be disappointed and you will also see for yourselves the hard work gone into this!!!!!
Well done Loadie ???????? .of fleet vehicles and can’t fault Loadie. If

Vertical UK

The app is straight forward to use. A great feature is the POD, with signatures at collection and delivery. You get a copy and both clients get a copy. Invoices are also done automatically. What an amazing platform. Most importantly, the money was transferred to my wallet straight away. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Jonathan Speed

I’ve taken 4 jobs off this site this week – quickest finger gets the job with no bidding war. I run a mixture of fleet vehicles and can’t fault Loadie. If you want more work – sign up.

Jaymie Booth

Nice app. I have collected an item. Waiting to go deliver it in the morning as instructed. I can’t wait to complete my first assignment. So far, it’s awesome. The developer should be very proud because the greatest bit is, everything is electronic. And I like that I was able to contact the people I was collecting from. No stress. The map took me to exactly where I was going?. I did not expect that because all these industrial estates units can be stressful to find!

Having fun doing this. I just wish it’s more regular. Looking forward to doing more jobs with Loadie???. Hey, I am a female too. I like it!

Thank you ?

Beautiful Geek

Perfect in every way with no subscription fees – simply click and accept the job. It even opens up google maps to take you there. Fully tracked, so the customer knows where you are. Booked by the customer so no third party involved, all contact details available on the app.

LB Courier

What an amazing place to get real time work. Better then the other courier network where you do some work and wait 60 days to get paid. Here at Loadie it is all a quick and smooth transaction. Got my first run and the money into my account after 7 days – 5 stars well deserved – well done guys


My first experience of this app went very well. The phone pinged to show a job was available, and upon opening all relevant details were there including the dimensions of the goods so I could be sure it would fit in the van. Once I’d accepted the job there was a handy ‘go to location’ button for navigation. Signature on collection and delivery was simple and once complete the money was showing in the wallet. I had no issues so didn’t get to try the problems feature. All in all a great, simple to use app and more to the point it actually works.

Salty Splash