Logistics you control
Send loads faster
Track everything you send

Loadie is an online and mobile marketplace connecting companies to delivery drivers.
 Our state of the art technology fully automates the entire delivery process and with our advanced tracking, notification and payment technology you stay in control every step of the way.

It’s quick and easy to send a Load

1. Visit www.loadieapp.com

Log in and register your business as a new user.

2. Add you business details

Simly add your company details including name, address, registration number etc.

3. Add your job

Include the number of items, weight and the size of your shipment.

4. Collection details

Add your collection details and any specific instructions for the job.

5. Set the price for the load

You choose a reasonable price for the job.

6. Driver accepts with full tracking

Vetted drivers can be tracked and customers can track the driver all the way from collection to delivery.

Loadie benefits:


Find available drivers in your area

Send loads faster with better tracking than any other system. We do not charge subscription fees.

Simple and elegant user interface

with the simple CMS system easily add your load, choose how much you want to pay and your load is live.


Vetted and rated drivers

Drivers are vetted before they can accept loads. Both customers and drivers can be rated.

Superior tracking technology

Delight your customers with real time tracking and location based notifications.

Loadie for business

Loadie is a unique mobile application and customer management system that allows customers to match their unfulfilled loads with drivers and logistics companies who have excess capacity. With state of the art tracking and payment technology Loadie is set to become the Uber of logistics.
Loadie has no subscription and upload fees. The CMS acts as a straight through process for the logistics industry so you do not need to chase your invoices or pod’s. The automated system ensures a paperless transaction.