Loadie FAQ’s.

Below are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email support@loadie.co.uk or call 0113 274 2055.

Is Loadie Free?
Yes. For the Driver the Loadie app is completely free to download with no subscription fees. There is a small administration fee taken from each completed job. Loadie is also completely free for customers to upload jobs via the CMS.
Do I need to download the app to use Loadie?
Only delivery drivers need to download the app. If you are sending a delivery you do this by registering and uploading your delivery at www.loadie.co.uk. Delivery drivers can download the app for free at the Apple or Google Play stores.
How do I upload or edit my documents?

Go to your profile and select ‘Edit’. Then scroll across to ‘Edit Documents’. This allows you to up load your documents ready for Loadie to process

Why hasn't my account been approved?

Please check your emails. If your account has not been verified it is probably because you have invalid documents. You are required to provide a valid driving license, motor insurance policy and goods in transit insurance. You will receive a confirmation text when your documents haven verified or rejected


How do I search Jobs on the app?
The app automatically searches jobs in your current location, and, on the list view will be listed in order closest to your current location. You can amend the radius of your search by selecting the drop down radius box or by pinching or expanding the view on your screen. You can also search jobs by specific dates by selecting the calendar tab on the list view screen.
When do I get paid?

You get paid into your Loadie wallet immediately once the job is completed. You can select to withdraw your money to your paypal account within 72 hours.

How do I track the delivery?
Within your CMS, select the ‘Jobs’ tab in the menu section on the left of the screen. Select the job you wish to track, then select the tracking tab positioned at the top of the screen.
How do I know what to pay for a delivery?
The customer has 3 options on choosing the price of a delivery:
1. If you already have a rate card with other hauliers you can add it to Loadie at the same price. You get all the added automated benefits Loadie offers which a haulier does not.
2. You can gain quotes from several hauliers to get the best price which you can add to Loadie. Once again you get all the automated benefits Loadie offers which the competition does not.
3. The CMS job upload screen offers a guide price for your job for a same day or next day service based on the size/distance of the load based on current driver rates. This elimiates 3rd party profiteering and gives you the correct price for the job. You save time & money.
What are the benefits of Loadie for drivers?

Loadie is free to download with no subscription fees. There is no bidding system. Fastest finger first gets the job and the price you see is the price you accept with guaranteed payment into your Loadie app wallet on completion of the job. The money is available to withdraw after 72 hours, which follows fraud & money laundering regulations. Every job matches your vehicle and personal credentials so every job you see on the app you can collect. There is no paperwork. On completion of the job we will email you the POD and invoice. You are free to ignore or accept as many jobs as you please at no cost to you.

Do I need to log out to stop receiving notifications?
Once you have signed in to the app you do not need to log out. All you need to do is go on ‘Live Jobs’ and click the ‘Go Offline’ button at the top right of the screen. This will stop notifications of new jobs coming through. To get back online click the same button and you will begin to receive the updated list of jobs and notifications.
How do I know when my job has been accepted by a driver?
Once your job has been accepted, you will receive an automated email notification saying the job has been accepted with invoice attached, who the haulage company is and their contact phone number. This will also mirror on the CMS. You will be able to track the driver on his arrival. When the driver is 10 miles from your location you will receive an email notifying they are close by, so you can have the goods ready to load.
How do I cancel a job once I have uploaded it to the app?
The customer can cancel the job at any time as long as the job hasn’t been accepted. Once the job has been accepted you will need to contact Loadie customer services to cancel the job. We will automatically inform the driver. The money paid for the job will be returned to the credit card you paid within 7 days, or to the credit limit set up. If the cancellation was due to the goods not being ready, once ready you can go into the CMS, click ‘Jobs’, ‘Historic Jobs’ and click the 3 small dots. This will give you the option to duplicate the job, saving you time.
Does the app pay for waiting times?

No, the app does not pay for waiting times. Loadie is a marketplace that matches available work with drivers. Once a job has been accepted the contract is between the customer and the driver. To avoid waiting times, Loadie has a function within the app that automatically notifies the customer when the driver is 10 miles away. If waiting times occur, you can use the ‘report issue’ function within the app where you can contact the customer directly to discuss the length of wait and your waiting time fees. This is negotiated between the customer and the driver and not via the app. You can also call the destination point via the app if you have any issues.

What are the benefits of Loadie for the customer?
Loadie is a unique mobile application and customer management system that allows customers to match their unfilled loads with drivers and logistics companies who have excess capacity. With state of the art tracking and payment technology Loadie is set to become the Uber of logistics. Loadie has no subscription fees and costs nothing to sign up. The application acts as a straight through process for the logistics industry and the app handles the whole process.
Who is rating me out of 5 stars?
Both the customer and driver can rate each other on completion of the job. This has been put in place to ensure communication and respect between driver and customer is kept at a high level at all times. Customers or drivers who receive poor ratings will be monitored. If poor ratings persist, Loadie will investigate the issue which could lead to suspension, a ban, or removal from the app. We want to ensure that we have the best drivers and best customers.
What Is the administration fee on the app wallet?
The fee covers the automated administration costs for features such as fast payments, automated POD’s and invoicing. The fee is approximately 1.6% of the load value