We know the issues – so we fixed them with Loadie

The founders and creators of Loadie come from a diverse but highly relevant background that ensured they solved the main issues they faced when having items delivered.

Steve – The Logistics Guy

Working within the logistics industry and becoming frustrated with the inefficient way that deliveries were coming in and out of his warehouse, with the inability to get late loads picked up exactly when he wanted, Steve developed the idea of Loadie over 10 years ago. The technology just wasn’t developed enough to create what he wanted at that time, but a fortuitous meeting with Karl and Chris meant that he could progress the idea and have the input from the two main end users of the application. The best ideas are born from frustration and Loadie is exactly that.

Karl – The E-commerce Guy

Karl comes from a background in e-commerce retailing, and understands the challenges and demands within the supply chain from both the manufacturer to retailer and from retailer to consumer. His first hand experience of delivery and supply chain issues were a driving force behind Loadie’s creation. His experience of deliveries arriving unannounced without the ability to track put a strain on his business and impacted on productivity. Karl wanted to make his life easier and his warehouse more efficient by allowing complete transparency of the delivery process and simplifying the process in an automated way – Loadie has done this.

Chris – The Sales Guy

An experienced Sales Manager with prior experience as a merchandiser and buyer within the retail sector, Chris has seen the challenges and limitations that an inflexible supply chain can has from all perspectives. Demanding retailers are under constant pressure to get his product in to their warehouse at lower cost and reduce stock holdings. With the rising demand of next day and same day deliveries a flexible supply chain that is prepared to react to maximise opportunities was needed. This wasn’t the case and something needed to change – that something that was Loadie.