A new app launches today which sets to put the brakes on frustrating one or two-day delivery slots and pave the way for efficient, cost effective deliveries.

The first of its kind, Loadie is a flexible mobile logistics solution created to provide a stress free and fully online delivery solution for companies and personal customers. Through the user-friendly and elegant interface customers can browse real time availability of vehicles and drivers, book a shipment and track the journey with the latest geo-location technology. The automated system saves customers time and money and creates new business opportunities for Drivers and logistics companies.

Logistics you control

Loadie for drivers is free to download and allows couriers and delivery drivers to access a whole network of new customers. From a simple to use mobile app, drivers can browse available jobs in real time, assess distance and price and accept the job with a tap of their phone – with no bidding systems. Drivers will receive early access to relevant loads and will be paid as soon as their delivery is dropped off.

Driver Robert Wade, from Wade logistics in Doncaster recently used Loadie for the first time: “I completed a job from Accrington to Brighton. I was at the collection point 20 minutes before I should have been, which wasn’t a problem as the customer got a notification when I set off so already knew when I was going to be there so all goods were ready, loaded and off within 5 minutes. Once picked up, I clicked the ‘deliver now’ feature that alerted the customer that I was on my way to the delivery point and enabled them to provide an ETA and GPS tracking en route.

“I loved the ‘take me there’ feature which brought me to Google maps and provided a pin point grid reference location of the delivery address, no more searching around for 15 minutes around industrial estates. 
Once the job was signed for and complete an automatic invoice reached my inbox within minutes and my online wallet had the funds in, no paperwork or admin needed. I was really impressed with how simple it all was, it made a refreshing change as the only middleman in all of this is the app itself.”

A load off your mind

Customers who need to get that all-important package from A to B can upload their job to Loadie’s Customer Management System, without the need for subscriptions and can set the price as they see fit. Loadie’s leading edge technology allows both the sender and the recipient to track the shipment in real time and receive notifications along the journey including a realistic delivery time. For customers, Loadie means the elimination of costly same day deliveries, optimisation of warehouse space and smarter, hassle free deliveries.

Going green

Despite significant investment in technology, the number of empty backloads on the roads continues to increase. In the last 10 years alone they have increased from 28% to 31%. This figure increases to 41% in key industries such as construction.

The UK has also seen an increase of 50% over the last 10 years alone in light commercial vehicles to 4 million. Many of these vans are owner operated and they struggle to find regular work resulting in them driving back empty. All of this contributes to increased carbon emissions.

The transport sector, which accounts for 26% of the UK’s greenhouse gases, has been subject to criticism for not playing its part in reducing emissions

Chris Johnson, CEO at Loadie is passionate about the environmentally friendly ethos behind the business: “The logistics industry has been slow to respond to innovation over the last 20 years and many large businesses still rely on slow, manual and expensive processes such as cold calling to try and fill empty backloads.

“Right at the heart of our technology is a system that allows drivers and businesses to create a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of empty journeys on the UK’s roads.

Talking more on the launch of Loadie, Chris explains the timing behind the highly anticipated system: “Launching in September is ideal for our customers as we approach the busy peak season and we are excited to be able to introduce Loadie as a logistics solution to the market at such a critical time.

“Loadie has been developed to connect the supply chain and bring more transparency and visibility and automation to the delivery process. Our unique system is does exactly that and as we grow we aim to work closely with both drivers and business’ to implement new and exciting features which improves and streamlines the delivery process. I look forward to the journey ahead, working and growing with the Loadie users.”

For the first time, Loadie is set to streamline the process of booking and accepting deliveries, saving time, money and hassle.

Both drivers and businesses can find out more about Loadie, including how to download the app or register as a business via www.loadie.co.uk.