Advanced exchange for HGV Drivers and Couriers

We are the UK’s most technologically advanced, driver oriented logistics exchange.

What is a logistics exchange?

A logistics exchange is a method by which couriers or HGV drivers can find ways to fill the excess capacity on their van or truck. This way, companies with loads that need to be moved quickly and efficiently can be matched and the loads can be accepted in many cases within a few seconds. On the majority, the loads are accepted by vehicles that are on the way somewhere with spare capacity or running back empty. This increases efficiency and collaboration within the freight industry and is in line with the 2017 review on how the government will support the freight industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Increase your courier business with Loadie

Whether you are a single man and van or a huge logistics organisation with multiple HGV’s, you will be able to find extra work using loadie. Just download the application and accept the load, you’ll get paid into your app wallet as soon as proof of delivery is accepted.

Why use Loadie rather than any other logistics exchange?

Loadie does not charge for being on the platform or to send any loads; there are no hidden extras or subscription fees. We promise not to charge any subscription fees at a later date which means what you see on the application is what you get (minus a very small admin fee). We also manage the transaction all the way through so there is no need to invoice the end customer and chase the money.

Our state of the art tracking technology also lets the customer know exactly where you are as soon as you have accepted the role which means they are much more likely to have the load ready. Also the customers are delighted to know exactly when the load will arrive as they can also see within 1 meter where their load is. This is a unique aspect of Loadie technology which is not available on any other logistics exchange.