SH Pratt group, one of Europe’s leading fruit importer have agreed to a ground breaking deal to expand into a new business named Halo, it will be based at a fully integrated logistics facility located in London. The new venture will create a temperature controlled environment for goods delivered to them . The operation will draw on SH Pratt groups expertise to deliver reduction in costs and enhancements in quality.

The facility will feature multiple temperature regimes, from frozen to ambient enabling flexible multi – use and they hope to employ the most advanced IT systems to aid monitor of products and ensure the standard of quality is kept.

Enterprise resource planning software will ensure that customers will be able to track the progress of their goods through a portal. They hope to carry out port health inspections which will take place with the Halo facility.

This new venture at DP world London gateway logistics park will help reduce the distance, journey time, waste and costs for customers this new business hopes to bring new hope in ensuring a more sustainable temperature controlled supply chain.

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