As of April 2018 they will be new legal standards that rented commercial buildings will have to follow in regards to them being energy efficient. New laws will state that it is a requirement that commercial builds will need to have a rating of E or below. Currently ratings range from A-G , F and G being the worst.

Industrial buildings are exempt from the new standard and Steve Gardner, sales director of Leicestershire-based luminaire specialist, Ecolighting, is calling for this to change.

“As things stand there is no accepted means of measuring an industrial building’s energy efficiency. As a result, occupiers have no way of telling if the building is efficient, inefficient or somewhere in between,” he says.
He continues: “A system that gives industrial property an energy efficiency rating would be hugely beneficial to both existing occupiers and those looking to rent or lease a new unit.
“For example, it would allow tenants and prospective tenants to negotiate better rental fees with landlords if the building was clearly not as energy efficient as it might be.
“Equally, it would enable those landlords that have invested in the energy efficiency of their units to charge premium rents if they had a credible system of measuring and demonstrating the building’s performance.”