Google have a new venture of having driverless electric vehicles, the vehicles will be equipped with electronic eyes, ears and will also be capable of navigating without human input. This may help the logistics in reduction of costs and reduce the number of errors.

The study found that 42% of manufacturers and retailers would like 3PLs to have some knowledge and expertise of driverless vehicles. However, 0.75% of the 3PL companies can provide expert knowledge and service while 1.5% of them have comprehensive knowledge and expertise and plan to provide the service. On the bright side, 12.78% said they have some knowledge, and 6.02% said they planned to have knowledge and services.

Logistic companies are willing to adopt with the new emerging technologies however, the 3PL companies themselves are taking a cautious step in that direction. What are your thoughts on these four emerging technologies and how they will shape the future of logistics?