Amazon has revealed its latest creation of drone hubs, which they plan to build in urban cities around the world. The mogul company plan to make fulfilment centres which will allow drones to deliver small items ordered by customers via the internet. The ‘Prime Air’ service will deliver small packages in under 30 minutes after departure, the business hopes to help element the clog up on roads caused by vans on busy roads.

The drone will be based in a nine story facility which will have rechargeable pods, the facilities are designed to use up less space in towns and cities than what currently warehouses are using.

Last year , Amazon tested its first drone service in the UK, the company made there first ever package delivery by air in record time of under 13 minutes to a house in Cambridge. The tests have all been done mainly in the UK with the help from the civil aviation authority it has made the trail pilot run a lot smoother for the market giant.

While Amazon has more than a dozen fulfillment centres in the UK, where tens of thousands of packages are stored, sorted and shipped, the patent suggests these traditional warehouses could be replaced by multilevel facilities with landing pads for delivery by air.